time trials

Time Trials

Age 12 and over

You've seen Ninja Warrior UK on your TV screens, now it's time to see if you have what it takes to make our leader board!
You don't need to be a Master Ninja for these sessions, come and give it a go and race against your own time, your friends or your colleagues.

These two-hour sessions include:
- 20 minutes warm up and opportunity to explore the obstacles with our team on hand to offer tips and tricks
- A walk through of our two course options, so you can decide which better suits your ability (or do both!)
- Time to race! Our team will be timing your attempts. Cheer on others or continue practicing your Ninja skills on the obstacles outside the course
- Cool down and free play time

Upcoming Time Trials events:
Sunday 4th February 5pm-7pm
Sunday 5th May 5pm-7pm

In the interest of supporting progression and sportsmanship, athletes aged 16+ who can successfully complete the Warrior Course will not be included in the overall leaderboard for the Ninja Course. Please see the event-specific leaderboard for your time and placement.


Click on a course to see the latest results!

Name Age Time
1Calvin LiveseyMen 12-1500:20:34
2Jon GoodallMen 30+00:22:46
3Rafal Myszk Men 30+00:25:51
4Aiden LawrenceMen 12-1500:25:77
5Ellie AstleWomen 16-2900:35:50
6Ellen WilkinsonWomen 30+00:38:38
7Filip MyszkMen 12-1500:41:28
8Tom DeeMen 16-2900:43:60
9Rob WardMen 30+00:43:90
10Hanan BrahaWomen 16-2900:46:28
11Fletcher FordMen 16-2900:47:00
12Laeth AmriMen 12-1500:49:97
13Katie MatthewsWomen 30+00:52:51
14Saif AlwashMen 16-2900:55:50
15Luca BarsellottiMen 12-1500:56:40
16Eva O'RourkeWomen 12-1501:05:16
17Lisa WhiteWomen 30+01:13:92
18Danielle MiddletonWomen 16-2901:18:94

Name Age Time
1Tommy MatthewsMen 16-2900:29:50
2Sasja WijdenesMen 16-2900:32:78
3Dean CheethamMen 30+00:34:75
4Cassius Rush-SlaterMen 16-2900:39:19
5Liam WarrenMen 16-2900:39:42
6Matt MurphyMen 16-2900:40:16
7Nick UnderwoodMen 30+00:46:53
8Arran PullenMen 16-2900:48:22
9Ben FreemanMen 12-1500:49:25
10Joe GayMen 16-2900:49:56
11Joshua BarsellottiMen 16-2900:51:75
12Calvin LiveseyMen 12-1500:57:68
13Kaleb WrightMen 16-2901:02:72
14Carisma BaskeyfieldWomen 16-2901:10:87
15Ryan BarnleyMen 16-2901:14:13
16Harry WightMen 16-2901:14:25
17Daniel HeadMen 12-1501:17:50
18Shylla DuhaneyWomen 30+01:17:53
19Chris Harriss Para Men 16-2901:17:87
20Riley CoxMen 16-2901:19:09
21Paul ShortMen 16-2901:41:97
22Ryan SherwoodMen 16-2901:50:59
23Sabrina SchlacherWomen 16-2902:19:38
24Shahedur RohmanMen 30+03:40:53

Name Age Time
1Victor MikhailovMen 18-3900:20.9
2Tommy MatthewsMen 18-3900:21.4
3Corbin MackinMen 18-3900:21.6
4Jack AndrewsMen 14-1700:22.8
5Hollis LansfordMen 14-1700:22.9
6Henry CookeyMen 18-3900:25.8
7Matthew MurphyMen 18-3900:27.1
8Nick UnderwoodMen 18-3900:27.3
9Oliver AddyMen 14-1700:30.6
10Dean CheethamMen 40+00:30.8
10Fin GarfieldMen 18-3900:30.8
12Bethany LodgeWomen 18-3900:32.8
13Arran PullenMen 18-3900:33.3
14Robert BoarderMen 40+00:33.4
15Tony LearyMen 40+00:33.5
16Nathan GardinerMen 18-3900:34.4
17Steven FellMen 18-3900:35.0
18Ramunas UikysMen 40+00:35.3
19James BurtonMen 40+00:35.5
20Mila StanzaniWomen 18-3900:36.8
21Jason MawlamMen 18-3900:36.9
22Sam JacksonMen 18-3900:37.7
23Dylan SummersMen 18-3900:39.3
24Immy HalesWomen 18-3900:39.5
25Nigel LeemingMen 40+00:40.0
26Sam McLeishMen 18-3900:41.1
27Benjamin EmmersonMen 18-3900:43.7
28Matt Varela-ChristieMen 18-3900:45.7
29Alix ArndtWomen 40+00:48.6
30Shylla DuhaneyWomen 18-3900:51.6
31Linsey YoungWomen 18-3900:52.9
32Rae ChildsWomen 18-3901:01.2
33Laura HeywoodWomen 40+01:01.4
34Carisma BaskeyfieldFemale 14-1701:01.8
35Emma Appleton-SmithWomen 18-3901:28.0
36Poppy BrentonWomen 14-1701:33.4
37Emma KirkwoodWomen 18-3901:33.9
38Luke AllenMen 18-3901:37.3
39Shelley TomkinsWomen 18-3901:53.6
40Bethany WellsWomen 18-3902:00.9
41Elizabeth RyanFemale 14-1702:56.2



We are located along Metz Way, just 6 minutes’ drive from the M5. Parking is free of charge for up to three hours, if your visit extends this time please provide your vehicle details to reception before you exit the Ninja Park to prevent a parking charge notice.


Our park is along the Gloucester number 8 bus route, the nearest stop is ‘Eastbrook Trading Estate’ which is directly outside the Ninja Park. Alternatively, we are 1.1 miles from Gloucester Bus station which is an approximate 22 minute walk.


We are 1.1 miles from Gloucester Train station which is an approximate 22 minute walk. Alternatively, you can catch the Number 8 bus from outside the train station and ride for three stops until you reach ‘Eastbrook Trading Estate’. The bus stop is directly outside the Ninja Park.